Dallas, Texas

Brand strategy | Brand design | brand photography  | website design

SCENE Salon came to us with a unique problem: clients? Have them by the dozen. Stylists renting chairs? HELP. But luckily for SCENE, we LOVE a unique problem and take pride in mixing analysis and strategy with visuals to create compelling and clear messaging. Throughout the brand strategy package, we clearly defined SCENE's natural strengths, and hone their messaging for both clients and stylists. We completely revamped their brand design through a new aesthetic that celebrates their personality. This work was solidifed through photography and a high performing website that, unlike competitors, openly targets both clients and stylists. Through all of this, the biggest change may have been in the spirit of SCENE Salon itself. The multiple exercises, touchpoints, and results gave way to transformation in both energy and empowerment of SCENE Salon. 

You love what you do and you’ve worked so hard to make it happen.

You deserve design that reflects what you're growing.

And I can't wait to get you there.

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