hello, I'm Emma

your resident branding strategist, design expert,
 and photography lover.

Hello! I’m Emma, the designer, strategist, and photographer behind Emma Leigh Studios. I am so honored you are here. And so honored to create for you.

As a kid, I was always creating. Curtains for my Barbie Doll house, Crayola cards for every occasion, even shoe box sized living rooms with tiny sofas and decor. I loved being alone, imagining. Writing my name over and over just to feel the silky texture of pen to paper. Reading books to transport me to new places. I was always creating and imagining.

I attended Kansas State University (go Wildcats!) and earned my masters degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design. My degree allowed me to touch many facets of design, including interiors, furniture, products, and graphics. I found light in translating emotion into curated experiences and tangible goods. I found joy in creating specific experiences for each client.

After a few years of working as an interior designer at one of the world’s largest architecture firms, my heart longed to serve a different, more personal purpose. I saw small businesses struggling to create effective, honest graphics. I saw brands excelling at their main offering, but struggling to keep their branding and marketing up to standard. I saw women with ideas, inspiration, and drive, but lack of help to push their dreams forward.

So, I leapt into the exciting, the unknown…

I left my corporate job to start Emma Leigh Studios, a full service design agency, which you are visiting today. I spend my time pairing the left brain with the right, my Enneagram 4w5 talent, to bring you creativity that solves technical problems. Designs that serve, that solve. Designs that bring you vision, purpose, and time to return to your business and market in confidence. 

I am blessed to create for you. And for your business.